Cleaning and taking care of leather seats and leather trim in a car is made out to be an immensely difficult task for most and the internet will gladly tell you that you need to buy this and you need to buy that to do it properly and before you know it you’re out 40 or 50 quid! With so many different methods and products on the web it can be difficult to determine what the best way to clean leather car seats is, I can speak for myself and say that I wasted much of my money on retail leather cleaners off the shelves of Halfords and in all honesty, they aren’t worth a damn.

Today however, I will be talking you through the correct way to clean your leather seats, whether you have recently bought a new car and would like to maintain your leather in showroom condition or if you have just bought a used car that has leather that is faded and basically doesn’t look like it has been cared for in years, don’t worry it is not as big of a task as the internet wants you to believe, cleaning filthy leather and getting it to showroom standards is just another day at the office for professional car detailers and never forget if they can do it so can you! All there is to car detailing is knowing the right formula and the right products.

Some Interesting Things To Know About Car Leather

There are some little known facts about car leather that might help you to know about before we begin. The car leather of today is very different to the car leather of the past, in the past you’re leather car seats weren’t all that different to you’re leather couch and had to be cleaned a lot more carefullyClean Leather Seats but nowadays leather car care has in fact, never been easier! This is because of advances in the manufacturing of the leather car seats of today. All car leathers today are actually coated with a clear coating to protect the material. Sort of like you’re exterior paint has a protective coating, though obviously not the same.

How To Clean Your Leather Seats

To clean you’re leather interior the right way here are the things we are going to need to get started:

  • Leather Cleaning Brush (not too tight and not too soft either)
  • Super Absorbent Microfiber Cloth- You will need 2 or 3 of these for a full car.
  • Leather Cleaner And Conditioner Care Kit By Chemical Guys

With these products prepared and ready for action grab your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum all dust, dirt and any other unwanted debris, it is absolutely imperative that you vacuum your car thoroughly prior to cleaning your leather because if you decide to skip vacuuming, whilst using the leather cleaner on your seats the liquid will form a soup like substance that leaves you with another unwanted job; cleaning up the mess.

How To Bring Your Leather Back To Life

Okay, so now you should have all the equipment you need sitting beside you, you now have your car thoroughly vacuumed so now we can move onto the actual cleaning of the leather.

Step 1: Spray your leather cleaner bottle onto your seat, starting from the top (headrest) spray the leather cleaner evenly throughout your seat and keep spraying until your seat is evenly covered but please be careful not to absolutely saturate your seat in cleaner because remember eventually your going to have to sit on it again and soaking it with too much cleaner will only prolong the time it takes to dry.

You then want to scrub (without using too much aggression) and continue scrubbing until the whole seat has been scrubbed.

Step 2: Now wipe off any excess water or dirt from the seat using one your super absorbent microfiber cloths, again I always start from top to bottom so start wiping dry the headrest and gradually move to the bottom of the seat making sure the seat has now been thoroughly dried.

Step 3: Apply conditioner onto a fresh microfiber cloth, I recommend folding your cloth into a smaller rectangle and apply a couple of streaks of conditioner and rub it into the microfiber cloth with your hands. This prevents one spot of your seat getting more conditioner than the other so doing this will ensure even coverage. Finally, apply the conditioner to your seat by rubbing the cloth back and forth, working one section at a time until the whole seat has been evenly covered.

Step 4: Finally, using another fresh microfiber cloth wipe and buff off the conditioner and bring out the natural shine of your clean leather. I always find this step extremely satisfying as you see all of your efforts combined to give you the perfect finish you have been searching for.Spotless Leather Interior

Now you’re all done! Good work! Hopefully you have achieved the results you were looking for, for links to purchase the products used today scroll on down to “What Products Work Best” below.

What Products Work Best?

The Leather Cleaner And Conditioner Kit from Chemical Guys is really the only product to date that I have achieved the results I had been trying to achieve, and although this brand is usually one that I sometimes stay clear of because of high prices their leather care kit is really second to none and although I am constantly trying different products to see if they can better the results I haven’t found anything that could replace this kit.

Especially since it actually includes both the cleaner and conditioner all for $19.99 it really isn’t too pricey compared to some products that cost a considerable amount more for results that don’t even compare to those of the Chemical Guys product.

Leather Cleaner And Conditioner Kit

Highly Absorbent Microfiber Cloths Pack 

If you would prefer a cheaper but less absorbent cloth you could always try one from the Halfords brand range, however this is not recommended as the reason these cloths are a little on the pricey side is because of their unique absorbent capability.

Leather Cleaning Brush

Top Tips For Success

  • When vacuuming always make sure there are no sharp edges on your vacuum cleaner as this can damage your leather and even tear it.
  • I recommend wearing clothes so that any jagged nails never even get the chance to harm the leather.
  • Always work one section at a time.
  • Always work from top to bottom.
  • Always test any product you use on any part of you’re car inside or out in an inconspicuous place before you use it.

Thank you very much for reading I hoped this article has helped you achieve the results you have been trying to achieve, if any of you need an extra hand or any other information or indeed have some experiences with leather cleaning yourself drop me a comment! I love hearing from you, that’s all for today enjoy you’re results!