Polishing a car is a fantastic way to spend a sunny weekend, just taking some time to perfect your cars paintwork is very enjoyable indeed. But then you go and buy a white car and realise that your long-time favourite polish or wax is no longer delivering the deep, glossy shine that you are used to seeing.

This isn’t the fault of your polish or wax, the reason is the white paintwork, what works best on black or red may not be the best polish for white cars. For most paint types, the polish you use on your blue or red car will work perfectly for both but lighter coloured cars such as white and silver need a polish specifically for light colours if you really want to bring that deep, glossy shine to your white car, which I will add, is very rewarding when you stand back and take in the awesome wet, glossy shine of your paintwork

The Steps To Perfection

A lot of people can get so caught up and obsessed with choosing a particular polish or wax that they Shiny White Caroverlook the most thing. Perfection is not achieved by the finishing product – It’s the combination of all the correct preparation along with the finishing product that makes a great result. So just remember:

Correct Preparation Leads To Perfection

Keeping that in mind, I’ll talk you through the stages of perfecting your paintwork.

Stage One – Wash & Dry – This goes without saying but the first thing we want to do before we do any form of detailing to our paint is ensure that the paintwork has been thoroughly washed and thoroughly dried, in order for the next steps to work properly the paint needs to be bone-dry.

Stage Two – Claying – If you aren’t familiar with Clay Bar I would highly recommend incorporating the use of clay bar in your detailing regime. So you’ve just washed your car and now it’s clean right? Wrong. Next time you wash your car try running your finger along your paintwork, if it feels rough that means there’s a layer of contaminants and tar on your paint which clay will remove. Otherwise, when you go to Wax your car the dirt will be sealed into your paintwork, making it incredibly difficult to remove.

Stage Three – Compound – Compound is a strong abrasive that only needs to be used if your paint is suffering from defects like swirl marks and very fine scratches. I recommend only using compound when you need to as I said before, it is an abrasive so take care when using it, test on a small section of your paint first.

Stage Four – Polishing – Polish will remove light paint defects such as fine scratches or scratches caused from using compound or clay bar and will also deepen and enhance the shine of your paint. Many people think that they must polish their paintwork along with every wax but this is definitely not the case, you should only polish when you can see problem spots on your paint(defects), this will prolong the life and condition of your paint.

Stage Five – Waxing – The purpose of Wax is to give your freshly polished paint a protective coating to maintain the shine for a longer duration. Wax is also what gives the paint that glossy, wet shine that we all desire.Shiny White Car

There you go, there’s a little more to caring for paintwork than picking up a tub of Wax at your local gas station and just applying it, but now that you know what to do, please give it a try as your car will thank you for it!

Which Polish Works Best For White Cars?

Now this is a question that very much depends on your personal preferences but for me, I judge a polish on a few things;

  1. The result / shine it delivers.
  2. How easy it is to use.
  3. The price compared to similar products.

Bearing this in mind and after trying many big brands over time I have found that PoorBoy’s Professional Polish is the best one to go for, the results it delivers is remarkably good, making your paint brighter, slicker and creates a perfect wax application surface. The reasonable price tag of £14.93 just makes it all the better. If you’re interested I’ll leave the link below so you can check it out.

PoorBoy’s Professional Polish 473ml – £14.93

Of course, this depends on your personal preference but the results I look for when polishing is that deep, glossy shine and for me, this is the product that works best on my white car, but there are many others you can try such as Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid, Collinite 476s and Dodo Juice Diamond White.

Hope I Helped!

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial, I hope you’re able to get that deep shine you’ve been looking for and please make sure to send pictures of your results! If you have any questions or have experience polishing white cars make sure to leave a comment, I love hearing from you.

Happy Detailing!