Product: Venture Scents – Car Air Fresheners & Car SprayVentureScents Air Fresheners

Price: £9.99 – £19.99

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My Rating: 9 / 10

For Use On: Car Interior & Carpets

Items Included: 1 Diffuser Bottle & Matching Car Spray


Venture Scents – Car Air Fresheners & Car Spray – Overview

Everyone at some point has sat inside a taxi and just been overwhelmed by the sickeningly, strong smell of a cheap air freshener.

For some people the “Little Tree” air fresheners are sufficient enough but for others like myself who like to go the extra mile to keep our car looking and smelling fresh we must look elsewhere for the perfect scent, that search led me to Venture Scents.

What Am I Buying?

VentureScents is still currently quite unknown to the vast majority of detailers so I’ll start by introducing VentureScents Air Freshenersthem to you.

Venture Scents are the underdog when it comes to car scents you could say, they are a brand based in the UK that specialise in high-quality, luxury car scents, some of these scents are based on designer perfumes but by no means do they claim to be replicas of designer products, no. They take their inspiration from designer products and use their own unique, blend of oils.

Unlike some similar brands, Venture Scents do not water down their products for higher profit margins and as it says in the leaflet that you get with your products “we don’t compete for price, we compete for quality” which I love!

Now, getting to the product at hand, I had ordered and tested the “Aventus” scent and “Lady Million” scent, my personal favourite so far being “Aventus” after 2 weeks of using them I can report that 2 weeks later the scent is as strong as it was when I first used the diffuser, although I have had to tip the bottle to keep the smell at the desired level.

The scent is always present but doesn’t sicken me like a lot of other air fresheners do, providing you use the correct amount. Not too much, not too little.

In between tipping the diffuser, spraying the matching car spray bottle on the carpets makes a really noticeable enhancement of the scent if you get in your car in the morning and feel that it isn’t as strong as it should be.

One thing that impressed me was the way the products are packaged, for the extra few pounds that it costs, they really make it worth it. I have to hand it to them they present their products very well, all the products are sent in small, luxury boxes the type of which you would expect to find a watch or another piece of jewellery.

How To Use The Product

Although there are easy-to-read instructions provided with their diffusers I’ll talk you through the steps briefly to give you some insight.

So the scent is released through the vented wooden cap of the bottle, this is what is used as the diffuser.VentureScents Air Fresheners

  1. Unscrew the wooden cap and remove the plastic seal.
  2. Screw the wooden cap back on again and hold the bottle upside down for 15 seconds, allowing the oil to soak into the wooden cap thoroughly.
  3. Turn the bottle back upright and hang your bottle in any place you want and it will do its job while you do yours.
  4. When the strength of the scent begins to die down you can revive it by turning the bottle upside down again but this time only for 3-5 seconds.

If you would prefer to preserve your diffuser to save money you can simply spray some of your spray bottle to bring back the scent.

You can expect to get 4 – 5 weeks scent from each bottle.


From my experience over the past few weeks while testing the products I can conclude that the scent stays strong for surprisingly long intervals between needing to turn the bottle upside down, there is good communication with Venture Scents who responded quickly when I needed to ask them about certain details.

They also have test samples available for you to try it out if you are still unsure so all-in-all I feel this is a high-quality product from a reliable seller that provide test samples for those who are unsure, that’s quite a CV for a relatively small brand.

Where To Buy The Product

You can find Venture Scents full selection by visiting their website or by contacting them directly. If you are interested in checking them out I’ll leave the link below for you.

Venture Scents – Full Selection

Hope I Helped!

I hoped you enjoyed reading this review today, I feel like I covered everything you need to know but of course if you have anything to add or have any experiences with VentureScents be sure to leave a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you! Have a great day!

Happy Detailing!