Product: PoorBoys Professional Polish 

Price: £14.93

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Product Size: 473ml / 16oz

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My Rating: 9/10


PoorBoys Professional Polish – Overview

Have you just bought a new, beautiful white car only to discover that you longtime favourite and trusted polish is no longer delivering the perfect shine that you used to seeing? Is there something wrong with you product? No.

It’s you car. The change in colour is the reason behind the less than satisfactory results but luckily this is not the end of the world because there are products that work spectacularly well on white cars, the one I’ll be talking to you about today is Poorboys Professional Polish.

To begin I’ll tell you a little about the company.

PoorBoys as a company started out in 1990 as one man named Steve (A.K.A Poorboy) went out on the road with his trunk full of products attending various racing and classic car events in the hopes of pitching a sale.

29 years later the company is booming more than ever, the thing that draws most customers is because their price is generally lower than that of other products of the same high quality.

What Am I Buying?

PoorBoys Professional Polish is sold in 16oz (473ml) bottles which is more than enough for 2 – 3 cars, depending on the size of the vehicles. The product is made from a formula of no wax and no silicone which means that this product can be used to great effect on:

  • Paintwork
  • Chrome
  • Aluminium
  • Wheels
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Headlights

A product that is incredibly versatile is something that sticks out to me when choosing between products because you likely won’t need to polish you car very often, most professionals I know only polish their own car once a year so in the meantime most normal polishes would sit in the garage gathering dust until you needed to polish you car again.

Whereas PoorBoys Polish can be used on damn near anything so you’ll actually save money because you only need to keep one product at hand for a list of jobs that would usually require 5 or 6 different products!

How Does It Work?

PoorBoys Professional Polish eliminates light scratches on paint work, swirl marks, oxidation and other paint defects, it also gives a perfect, glossy shine.White BMW 1 Series

Using the product is no different to using any other car polish, polishing a car is very enjoyable process, just watching the paintwork get closer and closer to perfection.

Follow these steps when using any car polish:

  1. Make sure that you car is thoroughly washed and dried, I make a habit of taking a walk around just before I apply the product and wipe away any dirt that remains.
  2. Apply a small circle of polish to a round microfibre applicator pad around the size of a quarter coin or a 10p coin.
  3. Work the polish into the paintwork, one section at a time in a circular motion so that you get even coverage.
  4. Once the polish has dried to a light haze this is you signal to grab a clean, dry microfibre towel and buff the paint to bring out the shine, again in circular motions.

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to polish a car to perfection, I recommend using masking tape to cover any plastic trim or you can keep a spare towel close by so you can quickly wipe away any polish that gets on plastic trim, as it happens.

What’s The Verdict?

All-in-all, there is nothing bad I can say about the product, okay, maybe the bottle could be bit larger but for me quality comes before quantity and having said that, 473ml (16oz) is still enough for 2-3 cars. What I like about PoorBoys is that their products are cheap, easy to use and deliver a perfect result, which is why I use this product on my own white car whenever it needs polished.

If you want to check it out I’ll leave the amazon link below.

PoorBoys Professional Polish – £14.93

Hope You Enjoyed!

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and if you have used the product or have experience in polishing cars or if you have any questions be sure to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Have a good day.

Happy Detailing!