Microfiber cloths are one of the most important tools in our detailing toolbox, think about it without them how would we apply any of our cleaning products? Or even buff our paint to bring out the shine? You see, since these are such an important part of our cleaning regime it is vital that we know how to clean microfiber cloths properly and safely.

Why Do We Use Microfiber Cloths?microfibre towels

For those of you who are new to detailing you might not get the big deal yet but let me tell you why for almost all detailers it has to be microfiber.

Microfiber cloths are super-absorbent, in fact, they can hold up to six times their own weight of water, six times!

The very fine and tiny fibers picks up dirt, liquid, dust and just about everything else very effectively and because the fine fibers are so small there is no place they cannot reach! Microfiber cloths can also be cleaned and reused which I’m sure is also a factor in why so many of us use microfiber cloths for cleaning.

How To Clean Microfiber Cloths

Knowing what cleaning product to used to clean your microfiber towels can mean the difference between day and night when it comes to the performance and life of your microfiber cloths. I don’t recommend regular laundry detergent for exactly these reasons!

I also stay far away from fabric softener, using fabric softener clogs the fibers of your cloth and prevents it absorbing like it should, which can ruin your work!

What we need then is a microfiber specific washing solution. There’s plenty of products to choose from but for me personally it has to be Dodo Juice Furry Liquid Microfiber Cloth Wash Solution

These guys know their science as it’s made up of a special microfiber-friendly formula that removes dirt, excess cleaning product, wax or contamination. Unlike standard detergent and fabric softener it makes the cloths soft and plush, which is exactly what we need. washing machine

Step One – Washing The Microfiber
Place all of your microfiber cloths into your washing machine and we want to set the water temperature at ‘HOT’ we can clean our microfibers most effectively this way because hot water will open up the fibers and remove any dirt or excess cleaner lurking between them.

Select the ‘REGULAR’ speed setting and pour anywhere between 1oz – 4oz of Microfiber Wash depending on how many cloths you’re cleaning. Now, press start.

Step Two – Drying The Microfiber
Machine drying is the most convenient and gives best results but unfortunately not all of us own one, if you have to hang them up to dry, them that’s what has to be done, it may take a little longer with more effort than a dryer but it gets the job done!

If you are using a machine dryer however, just make sure you set the temperature at ‘LOW’. High heat drying will make your cloths stiff and ultimately leave unwanted scratches when we go to use them again!

Step Three – Storing The Microfiber
So the last thing we have to do is store our clean and dry cloths. There is no specific way you must do this, I fold mine and store them in a plastic container but people I know store them in cupboards, drawers and shelves. The key is to make sure they aren’t sitting somewhere that they are likely to collect dirt, dust or moisture.

What Products Work Best?

As I mentioned earlier I always use Dodo Juice Furry Liquid because it’s easy to use and gives me a very high quality result, which suits me perfectly but you can look around and see what you prefer but for £13 it will be a tough one to beat. To check it out just click the link below.

Dodo Juice Furry Liquid Microfiber Cloth Wash Solution 500ml

If you need more high quality microfiber cloths there’s no better choice than Chemical Guys Monster Extreme Thickness Towels, the super-soft and plush towels leave a perfect finish.

To check it out click the link below.

3 x Chemical Guys – Monster Extreme Thickness Towels – $18.99

I Hope I Helped!

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial I hope I covered everything you need to know about cleaning your microfiber cloths properly but of course if you have anything you’d like to add or if you have had any experiences cleaning your microfiber cloths be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

Happy Detailing!