There is nothing more annoying & frustrating than when your favourite CD starts to jump, this often thought to mean that the disk is not in good condition, which sometimes is the case but many times it ends up being a dirty lens in your CD player so today I’ll explain how to clean a car CD player.How To Clean A Car CD Player

Car manufacturers generally don’t want us to fix anything ourselves so we have to keep coming to them and paying big money. The same applies to cleaning the CD player lens. If we were to manually clean the lens it would mean a great deal of effort as the lens is very difficult to get to, you would have to disassemble the entire unit in order to get at it.

For this reason we aren’t going to do it that way, instead this is a DIY method that you can use that won’t even cost you £5.00.

What You Will Need

For this method we need a clean audio CD that you are happy to part with, an old CD you don’t use anymore or even a burner CD will do the trick, the disc just needs to be clean. You will also need a soft, lint-free cloth and a tube of strong glue, industrial strength glue is recommended.

In essence, what we will do is glue strips of the cloth onto the CD so as it spins it will clean your lens! 

Preparing Your CD

In this section we’ll be preparing our disk to clean our lens to the highest standard possible.How To Clean A Car CD Player

  1. Use a spare soft cloth to clean the CD that you will be using.
  2. Using measuring tape to record the length from the laser element (the ring around the hole at the centre of the disc) to the edge of the disc.
  3. Cut two strips from the clean, lint-free cloth 1/4 ” (Quarter of an inch) wide. The length of the strips should be the measurement you recorded in the previous step.
  4. Apply a thin line of glue from the edge of the disc to the laser element in the centre and fold one of the strips length ways so that 1/8″(1/8ths of an inch) is sticking up, unglued. It is this bit of the strip sticking up that will do the actual cleaning of the lens.
  5. )Repeat the previous step on the other side of the disc, so apply your thin line of glue parallel to the first.
  6. Make sure you read the label on the glue to find out what the drying times are likely to be because for this to work it needs to be completely dried or it could cause damage to the CD player.

Here is an example of what your disc should look like.

How To Clean Your CD Player Lens

Now that we have our CD prepared all we have to do is insert it into the CD player. It will only play/spin for a couple of seconds before your car ejects it because of the strips of cloth sticking up but this is fine and is nothing to worry about.

Insert your CD again and repeat this process 5 or 6 times, by now the cloth strips that would have been being spun around while the disc was spinning in the CD player should have your lens nice and clean, job done!

If your CD is still skipping simply insert it a couple more times until your CD player is working as it should.

You can now eject your CD for the last time.

Hope I Helped!

I hope you were able to learn something from this tutorial today I tried to make sure I covered everything you need to know but if you have any questions or have any experience cleaning car CD players make sure you leave a comment and I’ll get back to you! I love hearing from you.

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Happy Detailing!