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Autoglym Interior Shampoo – Overview

Autoglym Interior Car Shampoo is a high quality, multi-purpose cleaner that can be used on most surfaces and materials found in our cars. The product comes from a well-trusted brand so you have the reassurance of quality and it leaves a pleasant, subtle scent in your car after using it.

What Am I Buying?

Autoglym Interior Car Shampoo like I said before is a multi-purpose cleaner so there are more materials in your car that you can use it on than those you can’t. I featured this product in one of my previous tutorials on How To Clean Car Seats and I feel that this is where works at its best.

For convenient cleaning of cloth car seats for this price range really, nothing else even comes close. There’s tons of brands that will try and sell you full kits for twice (or more) the price that don’t achieve the results of the high quality Interior Shampoo and a chamois.

But of course, cloth seats are just the start of it, with this product you can treat your plastic or vinyl dashboard, you can clean your pedals and mats and you can spray it onto a microfiber towel and get at those harder to reach spots like your glove compartment, behind the steering wheel, door pockets and any of the other spots in your car that the sun doesn’t see as much!

How Does It Work?

For use on plastic trim, dashboards, pedals and any other plastic surface it’s very simple;

  1. Spray evenly over the surface or area you are cleaning.
  2. Allow 20 seconds or so for the cleaner to work into your plastic.
  3. Simply buff it lightly and bring out the shine
  4. Voila! There you go! 

If you’re using this product to clean your cloth seats the steps are again, very simple;

  1. Ensure your seats are thoroughly vacuumed before starting.
  2. Next, spray the product evenly and generously onto your seat, working one section at a time.
  3. Grab a firm, damp sponge and get scrubbin’! You can be a lot firmer with car seats than you think so don’t be afraid to give it a good scrubbing.
  4. Finally, grab your absorbent cloth (chamois) and wipe away the excess water and foam.
  5. Make sure to rinse the chamois if it gets too wet because the idea of this step is to dry your seats as much as possible. 

For the full tutorial on how to clean cloth car seats click here

Where To Buy This Product?

Autoglym Interior Car Shampoo

You can find this product at most major Auto Supplies stores as Autoglym are definitely a big brand or to purchase online just click the link below to purchase on Amazon!

Autoglym Interior Shampoo 500ml – £8.99

Large Synthetic Chamois – £5.99

Hope I Helped!

Hope you found this review helpful and accurate, if there’s any questions you have or you have your own thing to say about this product? Leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

Happy Detailing!