How’s it going? Welcome to your Car Detailing Encyclopedia!

Here at CleanCarCare you can expect to find regular product reviews, tutorials for learning the basic and professional techniques, I will also have regular posts with the do’s and don’ts and tons of other useful little information that I think may benefit you.

About Me

As you’ve probably guessed my name is Jack and I am crazy about cars, more specifically, car detailing. I love the feeling of standing back looking at the finished product with a great feeling of satisfaction that no other job can compare to.

I live in a beautiful part of Northern Ireland with mountains and scenery in every direction, along with a lot of rain which means the climate is not always right to be detailing so I decided that if I cannot always be working on cars myself then I am going to show other people how to detail their cars like a professional car valet but without the professional price.

What Is The Goal Of CleanCarCare?

My aim is to cover all aspects of interior and exterior detailing which is obviously a lot of products and techniques but to me detailing is one of the most interesting topics to research and write about.

I’ll also get a chance to share some of my experiences with you which is something I’m looking forward to very much. That goes for you too! I just want to say that if you yourself have had some experiences while detailing, or you have something to add or even if you just want to chat simply drop a comment! I want to be involved with you and be there to help you with anything I can.

Have a great day, I hope to hear from you soon,